Just a beginning

Well, I finally got off my butt and started this thing! So, no doubt the looks and feel will change often. I did do some web pages in my prior life at Carrier Corp. But those were geared toward technical crap like CAD/CAM stuff and CNC applications for machining and sheet metal manufacturing. Cool stuff, if you’re into that kind of thing.

OK, now to introduce myself and tell ya what I’m doing here. I’m Donny Seib. I do  have somewhat limited schooling in art. Dropped out, like an idiot! But, I do study and read and watch and learn and experiment and succeed and fail in my paintings just about everyday. But I sure as hell have fun doing it! I’ve been painting since the 70’s. I’ve earned many accolades and awards in contests. Currently I’m associated with the Central New York Art Guild here in Syracuse, NY.  I retired in June of 2017 from Carrier Corp/UTC. After just shy of  30 years I decided that was enough. Times changed and I just wasn’t thrilled with what I was doing anymore. So, I bought me a little Winnebago and did some traveling around with my sweetie Mea and our mutts Chi Chi and Dexter. We also took a retirement trip to Ireland which was beautiful! These experiences created inspirations of many paintings for me.

As far as my kind of painting… I kind of shift around in styles depending on my mood and what I’m trying to convey. If I want to paint something in the musical world I like to go to watercolor on Yupo. You can get some crazy colors and effects with this method. Sure seems to give that boogie woogie, juke joint, groovin’ kinda feeling (which is my other thang!).  But if I visit somewhere and see some beautiful sights, I like to go to my oils and paint more realistic. But I also change it up when I’m painting my Christmas cards. For those I just want to get that seasonal feeling. Every year I paint new ones for friends and relatives so I do need to be kind of fast and loose. No matter what I’m doing, I’m having fun with it!