I’m Donny Seib. I grew up in Syracuse, NY. It was a great place to grow up. Especially if you like the snow! Me and my brother Dave used to spend alot of time outdoors either in the woods or on the water. I loved just looking at everything while walking in the woods. I would sometimes sit in a field sketching a simple farm scene. I especially loved fishing in streams. Not just because I loved when a trout took my fly, but also when I would catch the morning light just right on a bubbling stream. I’d pull my out little sketch book and get lost in my sketching. I remember losing more than a couple nice looking brookies because of that! That love of nature was my guiding force in my artwork. I am a ‘mostly’ self taught artist, but have taken directions and workshops for years to help guide me. I love to paint what I love. In other words, I love people, so I paint them! I love nature, so I paint scenes that move me. I love animals, I love boats and seascapes, so I … well, you get the picture! Painting outside, known as ‘plein air’ is my favorite. Nothing is better to be on the spot to paint a scene. Color and true light is right there in front of you. But the air and smell of being there is the best inspiration. I also love to have fun with creating ‘Duck Christmas Cards’ that I paint new for everyone on my list every year. Check out my cards to see a different and sometimes comical side of my work. Oooh how I love dogs! I absolutely love creating dog (or cat, horse, cows…whatever!) portraits. I melt with every new’ tail wagger’ I have the honor to paint!

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